On-land storage is available at our Havre de Grace Marina.
723 Water Street    410-939-2161

Preparing for winter storage at Havre de Grace Marine Center


  • Pump out holding tanks and freshwater tanks before haul-out. This must be done prior to haul-out for proper winter storage. Pump out station and waterlines on docks are winterized by mid-November and dock carts will be removed.
  • It is mandatory that sails and canvas are removed and stored in your boat or taken home.
  • Pull knot meter paddle wheel and replace with your safety plug to avoid damage while in slings. ALL valuables, especially electronics (VHF radios, stereos, fishfinders, GPS) should be removed from the boat for winter storage.
  • No dinghies may be left on docks or in the water during the winter. If you have a dinghy stored at the Water Street Marina, you will be responsible for storage charges after November 15th.
  • All dock lines and fenders will be placed in the cockpit after haul out.
  • It is recommended that you check on your boat after haul out and during the winter months. The boat’s bilge must be kept dry throughout the winter. If notified of water in the bilge, the owner has one week to bail the boat. After one week, the Marina will bail the boat at our current hourly charge with a minimum of one hour.
  • All boats are brought up from the Log Pond Marina to the Havre de Grace Marina under their own power.  Towing is done only in emergency situations.
  • If your boat requires a bridge opening, we will schedule it in accordance with your haul-out date. We prefer to take your boat through for you. The bridge needs 24-hour advance notice and we are required to be waiting in sight of the bridge workmen 15 to 20 minutes prior to scheduled opening time. They do not monitor the radio and openings can be postponed at the last minute in adverse weather conditions. We discourage last-minute scheduling. The bridge is regulated by the Coast Guard, due to navigable waters north of the bridge, and it opens at no cost to mariners.
  • We will remove outboard engines from brackets only if you are storing them with us or requested on a signed work order.
  • If you need a ladder to access your boat, please bring one. All ladders must be removed from the yard by 5 pm each day or chained to the designated area by the dinghy rack. Loose ladders will be collected and locked in storage at a fee to the owner each time the ladder is moved.
  • For safety purposes, winter covers are not to be secured to jack stands. Do not tie anything to the jack stands.
  • All boats should be locked with a spare key or combination number provided to the Marina with an identification tag.

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